El Cencerro

Simple and Sophisticated

"The oxymoron of the title becomes clear once one enters what was previously ‘El Perejil’ tavern that has provided us with so many pleasant moments, and is now – and no doubt will be a long and fruitful trajectory – El Cencerro..."


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Game and Meats

A week for oxtail

"At the moment many restaurants in Gijón are including bull meat on their menus, whilst the chefs debate about whether the key to its success lies in its "superior quality" or simply in its scarcity."


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Ask the Chef

"Viviana Fleisher, head chef of Restaurant El Cencerro. These are the chef's answers to the questions of our reader".

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Restaurante El Cencerro

Decano Prendes Pando 24
Gijón (33208) • Asturias • Spain
Phone reservations: (+34) 984 39 15 67info@tabernaelcencerro.es
* Closed on Sundays Night and Mondays